Ever find yourself wondering “what the hell am I doing?”

A year ago today I was preparing an annual operating plan in my finance business partnering job.

In fact, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years ago I was doing exactly that. And for 15+ years prior to that I was also doing something or other in a finance capacity.

Spin forwards to today and I’m sat here in my own living room, BBC R6 on in the background, cup of tea at my side and preparing to kick start my own Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy career. I have an amazing mentor, a lovely new community, some great reviews so far that I am more than happy with… and an inner voice that sometimes jumps out at me with ‘What the Hell am I doing!’

What the hell am I doing? I’m sure we’ve all asked that question before in some capacity or other… it may have been asked in an alcohol fuelled moment when inhibitions are loosened, when you’ve found yourself on a date with someone unexpected, or when you agree to do something at work that takes you outside of your comfort zone.

When we find ourselves doing something unexpected, or something contrary to what has gone before, it’s probably normal for this to this thought to just pop up there. It can catch us at any time, even when things appear to be going well and moving forwards as well as in those times when something new can seem a bit daunting or difficult to achieve.

So, before we panic and freak out at anything that might seem like a risk and run back to the safe confines of what we know and find comfort in… take time to check in with yourself.

Something that has been helping me is to think about the long term. What do you want your life to look like a couple of years’ time? Be honest here. If the answer is not more of what you’ve already had then you know you need to make those changes. Listen to your gut instinct, what feels exciting even if it is a little daunting or scary. Tune in to your body, if the thought of this new thing makes you feel expansive and joyful then it’s probably worth taking a shot at.

‘What the hell am I doing’ can be a positive reminder that things are moving onwards and upwards… unless it is an alcohol fuelled moment… in which case… I’ll leave that up to you ?